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Does the possible use of aquatic pesticides in the Tahoe Keys concern you?
Yes, I think it could damage the environment.
Yes, I'm concerned about how it could affect my health.
No, the possible effects will be studied before any action is taken.
No, it's important to remove invasive species from the Keys.
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Do you approve of President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord?
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Should the sale of recreational marijuana be allowed within the city limits of South Lake Tahoe?
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Do you think a temporary moratorium on new vacation home rentals (VHRs) is a good idea?
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If you vote in favor of Measure U, which would increase sales tax from 8% to 8.5%, where would you like to see the estimated $2.5 million annually from the increase spent?
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Would Tahoe's South Shore benefit from the creation of a walkable downtown?
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Do you plan to vote in City of South Lake Tahoe's November elections?
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Should the Loop Road project be on South Lake Tahoe's upcoming ballot?
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What is your political affiliation?
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Would you pay to use South Lake Tahoe's recreation and swim complex if it was updated?
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Should retailers voluntarily comply with South Lake Tahoe's ban on single-use plastic bags, even though a portion of the ban was recently repealed?
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Would you support realigning Highway 50 away from the casino corridor with the Loop Road project?
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Do you believe El Niņo means big snow for Lake Tahoe ski areas?
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